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Centrum Mundi offers no interpretation of the future and is no substitute for psychotherapy or medical treatment.  Nevertheless, the clarity of awareness it offers does with acceptance of the reality of the present.

At the conclusion of a Centrum-Mundi course the client receives a Centrum-Mundi assessment form which is useful for the continuing care of the client.

Centrum Mundi:  Awareness Field, Figures and Assessment Form.

In the Centrum Mundi  system figures (representing family members, friends, colleagues and institutions) are placed on an area of 50cm x 50cm.  These figures represent life at the present moment.  Placement of the figures reveals the influences affecting current experience (in both visual and tangible ways).  Symbols of daily life, indicators of energy-flow and barriers serve as additional aids which reveal possible restrictions or boundaries.

In a single session using the Centrum- Mundi method it is possible to achieve the same results as those offered by  a systemic constellation.

  • Throughout the session every figure remains in its allocated role.
  • 26 figures (and more) can serve as representations – something which is only rarely possible in a systemic constellation.
  • The intuitive powers of the client are activated more strongly by use of the systemic work of the Centrum Mundi method.  This often leads to limits of consciousness and behaviour being over-reached, which in turn can bring about a kind of transcendental experience.
  • Symbols of daily life make it possible to access the world of symbols offered by dreams and feelings.
  • Energy flow indicators show the dynamic links between two figures or spheres of interest.
  • Barriers illustrate clearly those things which are unconsciously restricted or excluded.
  • The Centrum-Mundi Assessment Form serves to capture all the experiences and realisations  gained during work with Centrum-Mundi.  The resulting insights into the  soul of the individual can then be drawn upon in the continuing experience of life.
  • Centrum- Mundi sheds light upon how a change to the here and now affects our future thinking, feeling and behaviour.
  • The client arranges the figures following his or her intuition.  This is due to the ‘anonymous’ handing-over and arrangement of the figures.  When the mediator passes the figures to the client the client does not know which figure is being handed over.

What is Centrum Mundi?

Centrum Mundi is a new way of recognising various themes and problems of a personality in order to better grasp and understand your true self.  It was developed as a tool for the personal work of systemically working individuals.  In imitation of the family situation, Centrum Mundi makes use of a method employed in phenomenology – namely the observation of that which is.  In both areas it succeeds in allowing us to banish for a while that disturbing rational thought (which is the cause of all our prejudices and engrained ways of thinking) so that the actual soul of the person can be made visible.  In this way the individual’s powers of intuition are brought into play.


Through the operation and effects of morphogenetic fields (according to Rupert Sheldrake) the Centrum Mundi method makes it possible to observe a deadlocked and impenetrable life situation from another angle and to introduce a possible solution.

The personal experience of the client, the mediator and possibly other attendees is key.  However, intuitive images and interpretations of the mediator and other attendees may or may not be correct.  They provide the client with suggestions. The client decides independently which impulse he wishes to capture.  Generally the constellations on the Centrum Mundi awareness field are felt afterwards in real life so that at a subsequent point various new ideas and assessments of solutions can be brought about.

By use of the indicated constellations the client makes a representation of his current life circumstances.  Through the initial choice of main themes and the positioning of the figures, symbols, indicators of energy flow and barriers in relation to the initial lay-out it is possible to shed light on all areas of daily life; captured in interpersonal relationships, the world of work and in aspects of our society and culture.

Provided the Centrum-Mundi awareness field offers a complete picture then, in discussion with the client, the mediator can look for a new arrangement of the system presented and remove the barriers which have come to light.  New and helpful insights are gained through the exchange of ideas at the end of the consultation.

Through the use of Centrum Mundi the client achieves a certain ‘transcendency’ which is reflected back onto the awareness field.  ‘Transcendency’ (from the latin transcedere – ‘to go beyond limits’) means to go beyond the limits of behaviour, experience and knowledge as well as the existence on the other side of those limits.  In this way it is possible to access more intuitive strength.  Moreover in this respect it is often possible to establish an effect in particular areas which are addressed by Centrum Mundi.


Centrum Mundi provides the unconscious more room to unfold which leads to a greater gain of knowledge.  However this also means using concrete procedures for the every day life and motivates the individual seeking help to try the new.

For many Centrum Mundi facilitates access to the unconscious because the essentially playful nature of the activity creates the possibility for uninhibited acceptance.

Centrum Mundi should only be used by responsible experts (such as systemic therapists, psychotherapists, doctors and non medical practitioners) in full consideration of the needs of clients.

Example of a Centrum-Mundi session

Following the initial consultation with the mediator the client formulates a matter of concern and decides whether or not to divulge this.  At this point the mediator attributes a definite meaning to the outer circle of his disposition of figures.  He then asks the client whether he or she is ready to begin the placement of the pieces.  After this he gives the figures to the client, one at a time and without revealing their identity.  The client places the figures on the Awareness Field, relying only on intuition.  If the mediator feels that the number of pieces in play is sufficient then he tells the client that it is time to place the symbols on the Awareness Field.  The client chooses at least 3 symbols and positions them on the Awareness Field.

Finally the mediator hands over at least six energy-flow indicators in turn.  The client comments on his disposition of the pieces.  If other people are present they are asked by the mediator whether they have any questions for the client or any desire to change the position of the pieces.  The mediator now also shares his suggestions with the client and re-arranges the symbols and energy-flow indicators until the position of the pieces feels correct to the client.  At this point the client shares the secret matter of concern which he or she formulated at the beginning and which has remained secret until now.   The mediator then reveals the identity of the figures and the designated meaning of the circle.  The mediator and others present share those associations which are clear to them or offer further impulses.

About me:

In the course of my life I have become attached to the wisdom of indigenous peoples and their spiritual rituals.  I have linked these mythological, practical experiences to my work studying archetypal fears, hypnosis, psychology, philosophy and para-psychology.

I have been working within and have experience of the areas of group experience, family sessions and systemic work since 1988.

the end of the systemic constellation is a new beginning!

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